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Should you be friends before dating

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At this point, it's easy as pie to tell when he's being weird because he's working too much or because he's kind of pissed off at you because of something you said or if he needs help because he's probably an alcoholic who won't admit it.

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Yeah, he remembers all of that and it scarred his brain and now he will not so much as come close to licking your face ever or being a total dick out of nowhere, don't you worry. You know all about his issues with his ex, so you're not wondering what he likes and doesn't like. You already trust him, which makes you, like, 80 percent less nail-bitingly nervous about everything.

We met the first day of college and became instantly close.

We were together two years before we got married and next month is our one year anniversary. You should factor in whether trying to take the friendship to the next level may cause you to lose him as a friend if things don't work out romantically.

There really isn’t much room for baby steps anymore. Seeking friends first, to me, says, “I’m not ready to handle a relationship or engage in the things involved with having a romantic partnership.” It also makes me think those people are just looking for attention or an ego stroke.

Saying that you want to be friends first sounds acceptable and reasonable.