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Tf2 validating problem

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1# Team Fortress 2 Low FPS Fix If you have been experiencing the drop in FPS in Team Fortress 2 lately, this fix may help you resolve the issue.

Go to this location: This file basically records different stats in Team Fortress 2 and is updated frequently while playing the game.

It downloaded the TF2 updates last night and now the validation on the file is stuck at 100%, even after exiting Steam and even after rebooting the computer.

So basically software I have bought and installed is trapped on my computer.

Okay, so I recently updated windows 7, and TF2 won't launch.

Every time I try to launch it, It says "Preparing to launch team fortress 2" However, the game never launches.

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I've played TF2 in this morning but now it goes like this: I click launch and it says "Preparing To Launch Team Fortress 2" then a new windows appears with "Please wait while steam is validating game files..." From 0% it jumps to 100% in 2 seconds after the windows appears and after that nothing happends.Steve and Susan have two children now, and have recently completed work on a sitcom about their early lives together.They're developing a new television project, but it keeps getting delayed as he insists on writing episodes of some old kids show they recently pulled out of mothballs.For a few months now, Steam has been validating my files whenever I open it. What exactly is Steam doing when it says that it is validating files, and why does it need to do it so frequently?Here's what it looks like: After finding only way too many unsatisfactorily answered questions identical to this, I came to the conclusion that Steam sucks and just decided to live with it.In order to resolve the issue, you need to add this file/folder into the exceptions list of your antivirus/internet security program so it doesn’t scan it all the time.