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What aperture will show the greatest number of stars in an eyepiece?

Larger apertures reach fainter magnitudes but have narrower fields of view.

Morrison added a triple in the third, a base hit in the seventh and a double in the ninth off Astros closer Ken Giles for the second cycle in Rays franchise history.

He was the first to complete the cycle since Adrian Beltre did it for the Rangers on Aug. Astros starter Mike Fiers (7-6), who for the most part has curbed his penchant for allowing the long ball during his two-month run as one of the Astros' most dependable starters, struggled early on for the second consecutive start.

Find the constellations, the Milky Way, planets, and major stars. Little distortion between 30° and 50° North latitude. JIR was first to suggest them, way back in 1964, and now makes them real.Clavius Date: 26-Oct-01 Time: UTC Moon phase: 0.748 Conditions: v poor seeing Telescope: 10" LX-200 f10 Camera settings: 5fps, auto exposure & white balance Image processing: captured in Vidcap, converted to BMP in Fast Movie Processor, unsharp mask, grey scale & JPG conversion in Paint Shop Pro 7. Herodotus & Schoter's valley Date: 28-Oct-01 Time: UTC Moon phase: 0.896 Conditions: good seeing Telescope: 10" LX-200 f10 Camera settings: 5fps, auto exposure & white balance Image processing: captured in Vidcap, converted to BMP & grayscale in Fast Movie Processor, sharpen & JPG conversion in Paint Shop Pro 7.Fun, friendly JIR is a great escape from the harsh and the hassle. Many items are perfect to post, or to show around, or to include in a presentation. Great gift for scientists, doctors, engineers, and professors. His intelligent, imaginative comedy plays delightfully with language, and is spiced with a healthy dose of science.The answer hinges on counts of star at particular magnitudes, or what is called star density.Here are star counts based on the same ratio of aperture to magnification as the unaided-eye: (figures adapted from Glenn, Sky and Telescope, 1980, adjusted for increased field of view of the latest eyepieces.) As you can see, a broad range of telescope sizes show close to the maximum number of stars. Date: 18-Oct-02 Time: UTC Moon phase: Conditions: Frosty, fair seeing Telescope: unguided 4.25" "Astroscan" Camera: Vesta 675.