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The Symbian monoculture is rapidly shrinking, shown in the blue segments.Apple and RIM, depicted in yellow and green in the pie charts, are both expanding dramatically.The global smartphone market grew just 4% over the previous year ago quarter, a major slowdown from last year's 27.9% expansion over Q3 2007."While growth has undoubtedly slowed, it is still outperforming the overall mobile phone market by some margin, as well as driving data revenue for operators," Canalys analyst Pete Cunningham said in a statement, which also noted that sales mobile phones as a whole actually shrank by 4 to 6%.The Pi Phone is built entirely from off-the-shelf kit, so there’s no soldering required, and no fiddly electronics work. The Pi Phone is a remarkably simple build, with a Sim900 GSM/GPRS module (which you can slip a SIM card into – you’ll still have to pay for your calls) talking to the network and doing the heavy communications lifting (making calls, and hanging up; sending texts and dealing with data); an on/off switch, a converter to make the Li Poly battery output 5 volts, and one of Adafruit’s tiny TFT monitors. For those of you who do not want your phones crammed with Apple, Google or Microsoft software (Jonathan Bell, one of our engineers, still hauls around a Nokia 1600 for that reason – and because the thing’s basically unbreakable), or who want the satisfaction of making one yourself, this is the perfect project. You’ll find a typically thorough writeup on Dave’s website, with a parts list (he sourced everything from Adafruit and e Bay), ! Here’s his latest: a home-made smartphone based around a Raspberry Pi.It’s smaller than many of the phones I’ve owned, and it’s cheaper than the phone that’s currently in my pocket, with a parts list coming in at only 8.

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By itself the Raspberry Pi is interesting, but it seems an unlikely supercomputer component. He was doing his doctoral research on data sharing for wireless sensor networks by simulating these networks on Boise State's Linux-powered Onyx Beowulf-cluster supercomputer.This prediction comes despite the fact that Nokia, by far the largest user of Symbian, has already started seeing its share of smartphones drop rapidly, and that the company is earnestly working to invest in alternatives to Symbian, including its Maemo Linux platform.On the the other end of the scale, Gartner predicted massive 400% growth for Android and 70-80% market share growth for Windows Mobile, while assuming that the i Phone wouldn't grow its market share at all and that RIM would lose half of its share by 2012.A slick, easy-to-use app, Level Money lets users connect all their bank and credit card accounts to its system and provides automatic updates whenever they buy something with their plastic.This app uses the same security measures as banks and other financial institutions, which means your personal information should be well-protected.Whether you’ve had your eye on a sharp pair of shades at the mall or are in desperate need of a coffee on your way to work, sticking to your budget can be a challenge.