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The Elevate i Phone, i Pod Touch, and i Pad app refines your communication and critical thinking skills.The methods used to cultivate your skills are engaging activities in an appealing interface.It takes the basic idea of Google Drive, but it adds finesse, style, and tools to build and share beautiful documents. Inspired by the game you grew up playing in the pool, you yell, "Marco," and the phone answers, "Polo." The $.99 download from the i Tunes App Store is fun and helpful, but not always consistent in its performance. read app review Secret meets Tumblr with the Ku - creative social network i Phone and i Pod Touch app.You create your thoughts, scribbles, and photos with intuitive, smart interface.Then, you share with your existing social networks and engage with the warm, witty, and inviting ku social network. read app review The Personal Zen i Phone and i Pod Touch app is a cool way to chill out.The developers include neuroscientists who believe playing it can help you reduce your stress level.While attending a game at Kauffman Stadium with a new friend I met in one of those weird Facebook groups, I was tasked with the duty of going to get a hot dog. I visited THREE vendors before finding the PERFECT hotdog. In case you're at a barbecue or camping and really need to find a hotdog in the area.

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Each dater can personalize their profile with an assortment of different pics, a bio, their hometown, and the ethnicity they most identify with and search for singles by age, gender, location, nationality, or ethnicity.Afri Date was created in response to a lack of culture-specific matchmaking resources.The app strives to incorporate an assortment of dating traditions native to diaspora communities and promote black love beyond borders.I thought, well, this is all quite impressive but, does it really solve the problem? I placed a hoverboard in front of the camera and sure enough, it was not a hotdog. My palms were sweating all over my phone and my knees were so weak I nearly fell to the floor.Next, i got my pomeranian to dab in front of the camera. I launched the camera, and to the astonishment of the human race, sitting before me was a 100% certified hotdog.We've spent quite a bit of time on our podcast debating how and when Apple is finally going to rip the bandaid of 32-bit compatibility off i OS, and as of this morning, it seems that it has begun.