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I cannot have been the only child of the Clinton era to have stumbled on the porn site doing social-studies homework.
Those who wish to avoid the ministry of women will still be able legally to do so.

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A: This is one of those times when there are two roads you could take. Because of the potential for serious consequences if your child continues down the road he's on, Family Project panelists suggest you go down both.Panelists don't know how savvy you are, technologically speaking, but just in case you're not familiar with computers, they want you to know that, yes, there are several ways a child could wind up viewing porn on the Internet without fully intending to, and that you might want to base any decision about punishment on how he or she got there.Because of this lack of specificity — in the indictment, verdict sheet and instructions to the jury — "..was not clear for which incident the jury found defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, or if the jury agreed unanimously on which assault D. Samuel Marzarella, chief appellate attorney for the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office, said the prosecutor is exploring whether to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court."We have not arrived at a decision at this time," he said. C." was, in fact, Dennis Conover, saying he was prevented by law from doing so.It takes advantage of the same i OS 7 tool Apple uses for its Air Drop feature, pictured right Instead of sending messages using mobile or data signal, the features lets users send messages to people in close proximity that are in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct range - up to around 30 feet (9 metres).Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

The Fire Chat app, pictured left, was developed by Open Garden.

Here are some simple things you can do as a parent to stay informed.

Periodically check the apps your child is using on their device.

” Up until now I did not know of a way, other than checking the device.

And while some phone plans will let you monitor regular “SMS” text messages (sent through cellular service), i Messages are different; they are sent using a Wi Fi connection, not with a cellular connection.