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And so Zarra built Go Chat, an independent app that lets Pokémon Go users leave notes for each other at in-game locations."This is a feature that really should be there," Zarra says.Matthew Cooper, the union’s president, said a couple officers were in the restaurant when employees began to sing the seminal hit from N. A.’s 1988 albumn, “Straight Outta Compton.” Cooper declined to give an exact number of employees, but the original Facebook post claimed that the manager was singing as well.on 30 April 2017 that the incident was one of many “officers have to deal with on a regular basis.” But on , the same outlet published an update to the story.

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"The amount of traffic that we are currently getting has been the most insane thing ever, man," says Zarra, who lives in San Diego.How could these two people be painted with the same broad stroke of “Baby Boomers”?It’s a nearly useless tribal name that doesn’t speak to the actual experience of those who bear the label, any more than “Millennial” describes me. Millennials are the Baby Boomers in reverse: in the waning years of Generation X, the media tried to find a way to define and describe the latest batch of apathetic, lazy youngsters, and Generation Y seemed like the best idea, which is often the way of things when no one has an actual idea.Following his post, friends of Mansbach responded enthusiastically, so that Mansbach began writing what was then only a hypothetical book.Mansbach had the illustrations for the picture book done by a friend, illustrator Ricardo Cortés (a contributor to The New York Times As the pleading progresses, the narrator begins to grow more upset, decrying himself as a parent, then eventually falling asleep himself."Especially in a location-based game — this just makes sense." Within five days, Zarra’s free app is approaching 1 million users and hitting servers with 600 requests per second. Go Chat, which is available for i OS and Android, was released on July 4th — a day before Pokémon Go became available.